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Hosting an event in San Luis Obispo County? Let us know by submitting your event below!

By submitting your event you acknowledge that you have read our Event Submission Guidelines.

Still have questions? Email us at!

    Event Submission Guidelines

    1. Approval Process

    All events will be reviewed within one business days of submission. If approved, the event will appear on our event calendar within one business day (total of two business days for review and publication).

    2. Event Information

    All events must meet the following criteria to be considered for the event calendar:
    – Location is within San Luis Obispo County
    – Open to the public
    – Has a start and end date, no open-ended events please

    3. Event Image or Icon

    All event submissions must include an event image or icon. By submitting your event you acknowledge you have the rights to use the icon or image, and authorize San Luis Obispo Guide to publish it on our event calendar.

    Tips for image or icon submission:
    – Optimal aspect ratio: 4:3
    – Do not include text on the image
    – Image should be horizontal

    4. Event Details

    Event details must meet the following guidelines to be published on San Luis Obispo Guide’s event calendar:

    Event Name
    Event name must be clear, and cannot include language considered hateful or harmful to any part of the San Luis Obispo County community. Events considered harmful or hateful will be rejected.

    Event Dates & Times
    All events must include a start and end date, and a specific start and end time.

    If you event reoccurs on a regular basis (i.e. every Sunday at 3:00 p.m.), please include the reoccurrence details in the “Additional Information” field.

    Please email us at if your event spans multiple days with different start and end times.

    Event Description
    Please include as much information about your event as possible. The description should be written in third-person (i.e. no “I” statements). San Luis Obispo Guide reserves the right to edit descriptions that do not meet this standard, as well as for clarity and accuracy of the content.

    Event Contact Information
    All event submissions must include a telephone number and contact address at a minimum.

    It is highly encouraged to also include an event website so our readers can get more information, purchase tickets, etc. URLs for the event should point directly to an event page, not a general website.

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