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Have you ever wanted to work with us, but weren’t sure how?

Between our Website and Social Media channels there are lots of ways we can collaborate. Read more below to find out the common ways we work with the people, places, and products of San Luis Obispo County, or email us directly at hello@sanluisobispoguide.com to find out more!


The businesses listed on San Luis Obispo Guide have been curated by its co-founders, Nick and Nicole Grant. Businesses do not pay a fee to be listed on San Luis Obispo Guide, but do have marketing and advertising opportunities available to enhance their current listing. 

Enhanced Business Listing

Every Business Listing on our website will have their own dedicated webpage that includes:

  • 1 External Picture
  • Location Information
  • General Contact Information
  • Short Description

For a small fee, you can enhance your business listing on our website with additional images and text. We would come out to your place of business to learn more about it, and take images that will be turned into a professional gallery for your webpage. We would also write up to 1,000 words of text about your business, its history, and our experience. 

We would also use those images to post on our social media channels, and share to our Instagram Stories with a direct link to your page on our website. Sponsored Posts are also available if you would like more control over the content we share on Instagram about your business.

Advertising Opportunities

In addition to your business listing, there are several advertising opportunities across the San Luis Obispo Guide website to further promote your business. These include Featured Business placements on relevant pages, Advertising on Specific Business Pages, and placement in the relevant Footer that appears on every listing in that grouping (i.e. Food & Drink, Wineries, etc.). 

Contact us at hello@sanluisobispoguide.com for current advertising rates and placement opportunities. 

Guest Blogging

Do you have a blog about the Central Coast, California, or traveling? We’d love to work with you and provide content about San Luis Obispo County! Email our co-founder Nicole at hello@sanluisobispoguide.com to discuss how we can work together. 


If you’re hosting an event in SLO County, we’d love to know so we can help you promote it! 

The easiest way is to tag us in your event post (or send it to us in a DM), and we’ll share it to our Stories and add it to our Local Events highlight. If you’d like even more exposure for your event, reach out to us about putting a post on our feed all about the event, which we will also share to our Stories and add to the Local Events highlight. 

If you’d also like us to attend the event (which we would love to do!), we’ll put the event on our IG feed, share it to our Stories, add to the Local Events Highlight, share more Stories the entire time we’re at the event, add the event to our Events Calendar on our website,  and write a blog post about our experience! 


Have you ever seen us post to Instagram and wondered how that business, product, or person got featured? It happened one of two ways:

  1. We visited the business ourselves, and decided to promote our visit
  2. The business reached out wanting to collaborate with us! 

Our goal is to visit all of the places and businesses that we represent on our website, so we will definitely be making our way to you in the near future. But if you’d like to speed up that process, reach out so we can collaborate!

Introductory Visit

An Introductory Visit is a great way to have us come out to learn more about what you do. We’ll bring our cameras to capture the experience, and use those images for a post on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

Sponsored Post

If you’d like a little more control over the content we post about your business, a Sponsored Post may be the best way to work with us. We will still come out to your place of business with our cameras to capture the experience, but you’d have approval over what images we use, the dates we post, and every word of the caption, including the hashtags!

Instagram Takeover

An Instagram Takeover is a great way to promote your business, product, or event without the stress of doing all the posts and stories yourself. During a takeover we would literally log into your Instagram account, and post to your Instagram Feed and/or Instagram Stories for a set amount of time. We would also promote the takeover in advance by sharing a post on our feed, and on the day of the takeover, share all the stories from your Instagram Account to ours. 

Instagram Giveaway

Instagram Giveaways are a great way to attract new followers and engage your existing audience, but can be a lot of work to keep organized! Let us do that work for you by partnering with us on an Instagram Giveaway. If you supply the prize we will organize the posts, keep track of entries, and take care of announcing the winner. We’ll also share all that content with you so you can easily promote the giveaway and get more entries! 


Instagram Workshops

Instagram can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to running a business account! 

In our four-hour workshop we walk you through Instagram Analytics, Posts, Stories, and Reels. You’ll have the chance to learn all about these Instagram fundamentals, and then get a chance to practice with us in the room! 

Not only will you walk away with the theoretical knowledge to help you manage your account, you’ll get the practical application too, and confidence to rock all the posts to your account! 

These workshops are only offered to small pods or groups of people already working together. They take place at your business, and we must be able to socially distance. Fees are $150/person, with a minimum of five people and maximum of 10.

Managed Instagram Accounts

Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses. It provides completely free marketing for your business, and the opportunity to reach thousands of people, millions if you’re lucky! But to be successful you have to have a strategy and know what you’re doing, which takes precious time away from your actual business. 

That is where we can come in to help! Let us put our knowledge to work for you by managing your Instagram account. We will post daily, respond to comments and DMs as appropriate, and analyze your account to ensure we’re doing everything to maximize your growth.

Fees will vary depending on deliverables, so email us at hello@sanluisobispoguide.com or call (805) 391-4476 to discuss options! 

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